What we offer

Music and Other Entertainment Programmes

Whatever is Your taste, we can offer concerts of live classical, vocal, modern variety show or popular music. For important events with numerous guests we recommend professional announcers, individual programmes and scenarios.

Band “Studija” and Steponas Januška. The “Studija” band is deservedly considered as one of the oldest and most professional bands on Lithuanian scene. This group of musicians is always in search for creative solutions, which is proved by its very broad and rich repertoire. In fact, “Studija” can for many hours play most various pieces of music for most demanding listeners. Most of the repertoire consists of cheerful, feel-good or affectionate and dreamy songs created by the members of the band. But a great part of it also includes world-known pieces in English and other languages. Concerning prices pleases contact additionally. www.studija.lt

Band of entertaining music “NOSTALGIJA” (Viktorija Gurskytė and Gintaras Mameniškis). Programme of the band includes retro pieces (1920–1940), dances (“golden” tangos of all times, waltzes, foxtrots, sambas, cha cha cha etc.), popular melodies of the last century, accordion pieces in “miuzet” style, improvisations of classical jazz, music from movies:  www.nostalgija-lt.de